Home Inspection FAQ

Getting a home inspection and choosing a Home Inspector is an important step in the home buying process. It can come with a lot of questions.

Here are some of the questions that home buyers frequently ask us and our answers. We hope these can provide you with some peace of mind before you start the home inspection process!

Why is Getting a Home Inspection Important?

Home inspections hold great value because it allows home buyers to make the most informed decision on the most expensive purchase a homeowner will have.

It also allows sellers to evaluate which items they may want to fix or update prior to selling their home.

Home inspections also help decrease the chance of unexpected surprises, unpleasant costs and post-purchase stress. Throughout your inspection, your inspector will even give you maintenance tips to keep your house in good shape.

After the home inspection, you will have a greater understanding of the house you are about to purchase, giving you confidence and security.

What does a Home Inspection Cost?

Our Home Inspections range from $350 – $550.

These prices are based off of square footage. Other factors include its age, the distance we travel to come to the house and what services home buyers choose.

It’s always a smart idea to compare prices from several home inspection companies in your area, paying attention to exactly what is included for the price.

Should I get a Home Inspection?

It is important that everyone gets a home inspection whether you are buying a new house or an old one. This is because it’s a large investment and having as much knowledge of a property as you can is very important to understand.

You will then know what will need to be addressed as a buyer, seller, or for renovating. This helps confirm what has and has not been updated on the house as well.

Does the Buyer need to be there for a Home Inspection?

We believe that it is in the best interest of the buyer to be at their home inspection. We like to be able to answer all of our clients questions or concerns during the inspection.

You will be able to observe us and ask questions. You can also learn about the condition of the home and become familiar with all of the home’s components.

Does the Home Owner need to be there for a Home Inspection?

We encourage anyone involved with the home buying and selling process to be involved with the inspection, so that we may be able to discuss any concerns or questions at the inspection!

What are the Most Common Issues Found During a Home Inspection?

The most common issues we see are related to the foundation, sewer and Radon.

We see and have had concerns with foundation settling due to the soil in Colorado. Higher Radon levels due to each location and sewer issues in older homes.